Corporate Social Responsibility - Going Beyond Business

We are very alive to the fact that we are an integral part of an overall community & can only thrive together in the long-term. As a responsible corporate citizen we go beyond dry numbers & business to contribute to the society in our humble way. Our efforts have seen the following projects for the welfare of our community.

Marwan Devi College

Realising the importance of educating the girl child, especially so for India, the group built & donated an entire college to the Kharsia Municipalty for higher education of women. It addresses a dire need and will surely go long way in the uplifting of women & thereby the entire family.


Health has been a cause of grave concern, especially in the rural areas of the country where the government resources & efforts are completely stretched. We have decided to add our resources to alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate, by creating a fund to make health care & medical facilities accessible to them. We provide financial assistance to the less privileged to access healthcare services. During the recent pandemic Covid-19, we resolved to provide all assistance financially and in all manner to the govt. & people at large.


We recognize the importance of a healthy environment. In a polluted urban environment it gets absolutely necessary to have some green cover. For this matter we adopted a 0.5 acre garden. There is a walking path for morning and evening walks and amenities like swings and slides for children. We maintained this entire facility for few years.